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The Throne o’ Inspiration

I now have… DATADA (trumpets blare! Announcer’s voiceover) A “THRONE OF INSPIRATION”!. No. I don’t mean the toilet. Although, come to think of it… (trails off ) No, really. I’ve been struggling with a bit of creative block in the last few days, largely because my studio had gotten so messy that I’d forget my … Continue reading »

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OOOOoooo! I love it when I get my hands on a new medium. It’s almost like trying an entirely new flavor of fruit! You can’t wait to bite in and feel the texture- will it be juicy or pulpy or even slightly grainy? or maybe Mmmmm tart with a crisp snap as you bit in … Continue reading »

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Learning to speak again.

Every day as an artist, every new piece is a new attempt to communicate- an often frustrating attempt to express yourself in a language with few well defined words. I remember as a child sliding into the mental space that let me see things differently.More clearly. The patterns of light shifting across a blade of … Continue reading »

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