The Throne o’ Inspiration

Posted by on January 27, 2010

I now have… DATADA (trumpets blare! Announcer’s voiceover) A “THRONE OF INSPIRATION”!.

No. I don’t mean the toilet. Although, come to think of it… (trails off )

No, really.

I’ve been struggling with a bit of creative block in the last few days, largely because my studio had gotten so messy that I’d forget my idea before I could even find the materials.

So, on the way to re-organizing my lair of iniquitous arty-ness I spent some time (at about 3 am) upgrading my boring old chair into a suuper-duuper Fiber-Arty Throne o’ Inspiration sure to enthuse generations of aspiring creative types to come. Now, some may argue that the end result is a bit… bright… but ya gotta admit- it’s got class. (ok, maybe 3rd grade art class, but let’s not quibble over minor details).

Just you wait, now that I have this project out of the way I’m sure that the creative juices will start flowing with such magnitude that I’ll have to put out a flood warning!

;) Helene

3 Responses to The Throne o’ Inspiration

  1. Rose Hughes

    don’t know what I like best… fun to see EEverything!

  2. Gina

    Reading this effusive announcement brought a big smile! NOW I see where you get your inspiration for amazing-ness. I wanna sit in it! G

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