Landscape Quilting

Posted by on February 7, 2010

Class members assembling their landscapes

Most of you know by now about my…ahem…*slightly embarrased cough*  “fiber addiction”. Well, in recent days I’ve been (over) indulging again! I know, I know, I’ll never learn…

Trust me, I attempt to only do good with this fibery compulsion. In fact, just this last Friday I geared up for a wonderful fiber arts workshop taught by Phyllis Binkley of . About eight fiber enthusiasts came together at Phyllis’ studio for a true fiber-fest- A workshop on creating landscape art quilts.

Phyllis was well prepared for the invasion and had a mind boggling array of fabrics organized in giant folders across all major production surfaces.

If only I had her organization! Come to think of it- if only I had her collection of FABRICS! Gorgeously textured browns and greens for the forest, bushes & rocks; lovely blue and gray hand dyed skies and water; batiks with intense natural patterns & colors. *sigh* I’m swooning with fiber-envy.

The class was perfectly set up for fiber lovers of every confidence level. A solid overview and plenty of great guidance as needed.  We jumped on in with a demonstration from Phyllis on creating depth in our landscape through use of color, texture and layering. Since Phyllis has classic art training she really knows her stuff. Tips and tricks abounded: Warmer colors in the foreground, cooler to the back; detailed prints and dark colors up front; lighter colors in the back to mimic the effects of atmospheric haze …and don’t forget to layer those mountains!.

Diving into the piles of fabric was almost bewildering. So much to choose from! Some students went for the fabrics with lots of preprinted detail- there were rocks, cabins, moose, ducks & deer…  I heard little exclamations of joy from other students as they discovered just ‘the piece’ the needed. Of course, being the little rebel, I had  “A VISION” and decided to create a simpler scene that I’ll fill in the detail of by (wait for it)…massive amounts of threadpainting! Yaay! (of course!)

Now, I’m trusting you here. I’ve actually posted my rough, unthreadpainted piece from Phyllis’ class -Next time you see it, it’ll be just about COMPLETELY covered in thread…

If you’re looking into starting to create your own Art quilts or want to know more about threadpainting make sure and look Phyllis up. Her website & workshop information is at

3 Responses to Landscape Quilting

  1. Bonnie

    What a wonderful addiction to call your own!

    There is something that speaks to me in this very piece you’ve posted. (This is unfinished?) I can’t wait to see what you do to it with thread!


  2. Vonda Mathews

    I would love to take another landscape class from Phyllis, but I keep drooling all over her fabulous fabrics. When I grow up I want to be Phyllis Binkley. She and my FiberArtGirlz have opened doors in my mind I never knew existed. God blessed me when he introduced me to Phyllis. Vonda

  3. maria dos anjos de oliveira

    This is a beautiful work…Congratulation!

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