Thread Junkies Unite!

Posted by on March 10, 2010

My ever growing Sulky thread stash

Ok, I admit it- I’m a thread junkie. I love all the juicy colors and the lovely sheen of a new spool of thread. Unforunately, this addiction can get a bit expensive, so I’ve put together some of my best tips on how to save money on thread and still feed your passion.

How to save money on thread: A guide for the aspiring threadpainter.

1. Have one particular color that you use a lot of? Buy a larger spool of it. This gives you a couple of great advantages- you get more bang for your buck and typically it’s over the $5 minimum for Joann’s coupons!

2. Make sure and use the Joann’s coupons every week. But be careful- it’s easy to walk in for thread at 1/2 price and walk out with a hundred dollars of other addictive crafty substances. I try to head straight for the thread aisle with my blinders on, grab what I need and sprint for the front counter. I recently used a 50% off coupon to buy a Sulky thread container full of their newest colors- Great deal!

Sign up for Joann's mailing list

3.Watch (electronically) for those sales- it’s easy to get put on a store’s email list for specials and sales. I love Joann’s for this. You can sign up for their mailing list on their website- Scroll down to the bottom of the page and sign up for email updates. (I know, I know- it’s MORE email, but It’s worth it!) When you see a sale on thread head in or place your order online.A couple of months ago I scored and bought over $600 of thread for under $300.  (That should give you an idea about the size of my habit!)

Also check out their sale category on the website and click on sewing & quilting, then thread to give you the current deals on all sorts of thready goodness. I got a slimline embroidery case from sulky full of thread for only $84- the list price is $299. SCORE!

4. Keep tabs on what you currently have and use the most of. It’s not a deal if it’s a color you will never use… I have some early purchases sitting around like little lost children- begging to be used- but I just don’t have any projects for them. And of course, when I started out I would buy too few of the colors I am addicted to on sale, and be forced to buy them at full price to complete my pieces.

5. DON”T attempt to save money on thread by buying a lower quality thread. Lower quality threads will cost you more in time and money than you ever thought possible. With the amount of heavy thread coverage that you will be creating, any sub-standard thread will tear, shred and completely junk up your machine with fluff- potentially leading to costly repairs. Not to mention you’ll miss out on the joy of a finely made spool of thread- the color, sheen and texture are simply vibrant and beautiful.  Wouldn’t you prefer your art resembling a luscious piece of fruit than a dried up ball of matte lint?

Since I like to see my threads in person when I’m buying (at least for the first time) I use mainly Sulky threads. They’re high quality, and have an awesome selection of readily available colors that I can get at a discount in a physical store near me. What more can you ask?! If you’re looking for other good quality threads look at your local quilting store or search for deals online…

Helene :)

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