Textures Fiber Arts Exhibition

Opening night for Textures Fiber Arts Exhibition @ the Merc in Old Town Temecula

Opening Night @ the Merc for Textures Fiber Arts

Well, it’s that time of year again. We kicked off the Fall season with a fiber arts exhibition at the Merc in Old Town Temecula.

As part of the hanging committee (absolutely nothing to do with nooses, I assure you) I got the chance to have a sneak peek at the other artists work. Simply gorgeous. The range of styles, color, and themes is amazing.  You wouldn’t believe the variety of materials and techniques; from weaving and sewing to color discharge, rust dyeing, needle felting and shaping aluminum chain mail, these artists explore the edges of what is possible with fabric.

The Great Eastern Sun, Fiber Art

The Great Eastern Sun

My piece, The Great Eastern Sun will be there, hanging around in very good company- I fell in Love with several of  the pieces even before the beautiful lighting and their placement in the gallery setting. If you get the chance, head on down to the Merc to see some of the amazing work.

Our show will be going on from OCT 2- DEC 12. Hope to see you there!

For more info on Textures Fiber Arts, visit our group blog

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Dance with Abandon

Belly Dancing With Abandon

My good buddy Jon Brown posted a simply gorgeous photo in his Facebook stream this evening. For me it truly conveyed the joy of wild abandon-  that feeling you get when you let go to your instincts and just let your be body free to move.

I love the feeling as you surrender to inspiration and let it flow through you. Time becomes meaningless (and deadlines too!- maybe that’s why I like it so much) as you move into a space beyond the sharp little timekeeper in your mind.

In that vein of inspiration I just couldn’t resist creating illustration based off of his amazing image. It’s still a rough draft, but I thought you might get a kick out of it! I think that once I’m finished I’ll print it out and put it up in my studio as a reminder to let go, come back to the source, and dance with abandon!


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On Definitions

on the definition of art

Bringing together the definitions for my book on Textures Techniques has gotten me thinking on the ‘definition’ of art.

No matter how we try to describe each technique as accurately as possible, there is something missing from our detailed descriptions. Something essential that the artists themselves bring to the table that remains outside of our best efforts to describe.

The birth of a piece is not the sum of the techniques that the artist used to create it. It is not a recipe : add a dash of reverse appliqué, a teaspoon of threadpainting, a tablespoon of Tsukineko, a cup of hand sewn embellishments – mix in a blender at high speed and voila! You have ‘art’!

It is the unique patterns of thought, personality and experience that the artist (and the viewers) bring to the piece which help it become more than a pleasing assembly of color and form and become a way to communicate, to share the way we see/sense/feel the world in, outside and around us.

But how can we define these unique patterns? Even in repetition they change and evolve, react to and shape their context. Even as they echo each other, they are as different and varied as fractals, as the DNA that shapes us all, yet  makes us all strikingly unique. There will never be another you, and no one else will ever make the art that comes from the inner workings of your soul in your place in time.

Anyway- I’d better get back to work!


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